Distinguishing the Flock and Brand Name in Realty Sector


1. Unconquerable Trust- A lot of research goes into before buying your dream home and by the end of the process you get familiar with a few brand names. Good brand names of the area appear more frequently in the process. All modes of advertisements show few common brand names everywhere be it T.V ads, newspapers, hoardings or some social gatherings. Consistent performance by these brands is what makes them stand out and well constructed projects delivered in the past speak for them. Satisfied customers add to the brand value as the after sales services are always better by established brands as compared to local builders.

2. No scope for dirty deeds- Very bleak chances of foul play are there as a lot is invested for creating goodwill for the brand. No big brand will put their reputation at stake and involve in any illegal activity. Anyone investing with a brand name can have sound sleep keeping nagging thoughts at bay because there is barely any chance of deception. The dealings are as transparent as they can be. Prevailing market prices are kept in consideration and nothing extra can be charged, the carpet area or the super area will be as marked in the documents and nothing different.
No established builder will risk his reputation by starting construction on land that is not clear or is disputed. It is wise to invest in a recognized name but what’s wiser thing to do is take your precautions and not feel sorry later on. Ensure the plan is a sanctioned plan and the land is clear, you can ask for the Commencement Certificate to ensure this.

3. Easy Loans- Big building brands are tied up with good financial institutions and this tie up of the brand with these institutions buys them credibility as the finance companies have already carried out the diligent process by themselves. The chances of fraud dies down and the loans get sanctioned easily while buying from a known property builder.
Chances of any ill practice is very austere when names of big financial institutions like SBI, PNB, ICICI, HDFC etc are associated with the builders name. The hard earned money of the people is secure in such cases as investing in brand names means more peace of mind for you.

4. Authenticity- A brand name is closely associated with authenticity and provides priceless edge when amenities, product quality etc are concerned. A renowned builder’s housing project will always be accompanied by basic amenities which a local builder might not be able to provide. Buyer will never have to worry about the end product as the big names always make sure to deliver what they promise. The end product will be the same as the sample shown and no compromise with the quality or finishing is possible.

5. Cater to your needs- Big brands conduct surveys to identify the needs and demands of customers and try to bring a product that caters to needs and interests of customers.

6. Timely Delivery- Timely delivery is a humongous issue faced by the customers with local builders. Local builders have more work but less funds to function therefore the timely delivery is a difficult dream to achieve for them. But with renowned builders this is not the case.

7. Return on Investment- Big brands choose the location of their projects way too carefully and with expert opinions involved. They develop a location in such a way that the return on investment is bound to be great and increase manifolds in the coming future.