5 Ways to avoid “Odd -Even Rule”


We are all aware of the rising levels of pollution in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. On the directions of Delhi High Court the Government came up with a comprehensive action plan to bring down the alarming rate of pollution. The government had to take strict actions keeping in mind the younger generation of Delhi as living in the capital city has become like “living in a gas chamber

We are all responsible citizens of India & must do our bit by contributing towards making India a more livable place by bringing down the pollution levels just by making few lifestyle changes.

1. Try riding a bicycle instead of taking your car or bike whenever going to nearby places. Keep your Heart Healthy.

2. Do not Litter, also never hesitate to pick up the wrappers you see in your surroundings and put them in the trash can.

3. Donate a bin to the Government, keeping bins at root level is difficult for the government but if everyone keeps a bin outside their homes then there is no way that litter can be spotted on the roads.

4. Make sure to turn off the engine of the car while waiting at Red Light. Save fuel and help reduce pollution.

5. Do not waste water while washing cars, always use a bucket filled water to wash your car. This helps saving water.

Making these very small lifestyle changes can bring a significant change in the pollution levels of our country but first and foremost let’s work towards making our Royal City a Cycle friendly zone and do our bit.


Get over these Myths, Be a Regular Blood Donor!!


There are few set stereotypes that I have come across whenever the topic of Blood Donation comes up. This is a small effort to burst the Myths related to Blood Donation; a read might motivate you to Donate Blood.



Myth: Why should ‘I’ Donate Blood, someone else will.
Fact: Every year our nation requires about 4Crore units of Blood, out of which merely 40 Lakh units of Blood are available. A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of Blood. Every two seconds someone needs blood. There is no substitute for Human Blood and the number of voluntary Blood Donors is quite less therefore YOU must donate Blood.

Myth: Body has limited Blood, so it should not be given away.
Fact: Only 350 ml of Blood is taken during one session, and there is enough Blood in the body to donate without any ill effects. Donated Blood is recovered within 48 hours of donation.

Myth: Blood is sold in Blood Banks.
Fact: Blood Bank doesn’t sell Blood, only purification and preservation cost of Blood is charged.

Myth: Blood withdrawn doesn’t get recovered soon.
Facts: Blood volume takes 24hrs to be recovered and Red cells are recovered in about 6 weeks.

Myth: You cannot take part in sports or other physical activities after donating blood.
Fact: Blood Donation doesn’t interfere with the ability to perform physically, though strenuous workout should be avoided for the rest of the day. You can cent percent get back on the track very next day.

Myth: Taking medication means that one cannot be a blood donor.
Fact: It depends on medication being taken, it may halt donation for a period, though in many cases it won’t prevent a donation. Let the doctor decide.

Myth: Person becomes weak or physically infected after Blood Donation.
Fact: A clear procedure for taking Blood from each donor exists. Sterility is maintained at all steps. A sterile, new needle is used for each donation and is then properly discarded. Use of sterile equipment and technique limits the chance of infection.

Myth: One can donate only once in a lifetime.
Fact: Men can donate 4 times in a year and women can donate 3 times in a year.

Myth: Children and Old cannot Donate.
Fact: When you turn 18 you are eligible to start donating blood legally. Under special circumstances even younger ones can donate with parents as well as doctor’s consent. Normally a person can donate till they are 55years of age, but a fit and healthy person can donate even upto 60 years or above.

Myth: Heavy people are healthier and have more Blood to give.
Fact: Heavy people are less healthy than others. Overweight doesn’t mean more Blood.

If the above said Facts moved you even a bit, then start right away and let your first Donation be at the Blood Donation Camp organized by Motia Group.