What makes Zirakpur an ideal investment?


Zirakpur- A satellite town of Chandigarh developing at rocket speed is observing growth in the real estate market. There are number of factors that are providing constant boost to the real estate prices of the town like development at a large scale by private developers, the affordability of the properties and a suitable location. Zirakpur is merely 10 minutes drive from popular hot spots like Elante Mall, exquisite 5 Star Hotels, Domestic Airport and having International Airport in its close proximity earns Zirakpur extra brownie points.
Zirakpur attracts not only small investors but large fish in the market as well because of the newly developed infrastructure, connectivity and effective value of properties. According to the current scenario a number of residential and commercial projects are coming up and Zirakpur is becoming the most approachable market for real estate investment. The ones looking for a sound investment to invest their hard earned money in luxurious Flats in Zirakpur are on the right track. Anyone with money constraints and wanting to invest in Chandigarh has Zirakpur as a best alternate because the prices of property in Zirakpur are much reasonable as compared to the prices of property in Chandigarh.

Here’s a list of “Why Zirakpur is an ideal place to invest.”

Ideal Location– Zirakpur is so ideally located at the junction of 3 states (Punjab, Haryana & Himachal) and one Union Territory (Chandiagrh). Just being a satellite town of Chandigarh doesn’t make it a great place to live or invest but because of its connectivity with 3 main states of India. The area of Chandigarh can’t be increased and there is scarcity of land in Chandigarh therefore in the coming times the future of this city will certainly be very bright because it is the upcoming hub of North India.

New Infrastructure– Zirakpur has newly developed infrastructure, all the private realty developers in Zirakpur have contributed a lot to the development of the city. The city now has buildings equipped with latest & modern technology. Buildings with contemporary designs can easily be spotted in the city.

Amazing Connectivity– Government’s effort to improve Zirakpur’s connectivity with near by areas has contributed a lot to the development of the city. Flyovers and Ring roads have cut the distances short. The International Airport is at a distance of 10 minutes drive via Ring Road and brings Tri-city closer to the world. Chandigarh can also be accessed in less than 10 minutes because of the flyover that helps you cut down the traffic making this city a hot spot for all. Time taken to reach Tri-city, Delhi, Shimla etc is much less as compared to earlier because the traffic has been cut down by the Flyovers.

Apt for people studying or working– For the people who are studying or working anywhere in the Tri-city, Zirakpur is again the best option to stay because of its cost effectiveness. Shopping or hanging out with friends couldn’t have been more fun anywhere else because Zirakpur has it all in one place i.e. Big Bazaar, Metro, Best Price, Pantaloons, Eating joints like Mc’D, KFC, Sindhi’s, Gopal’s, Pizza Hut, renowned international chain hotels and much more.

Safety – Safety in Zirakpur is not an issue as it is a very safe place to live. The main concept of the housing followed in Zirakpur is that of Societies and we all know that living in a society is always much more safe as compared to living in an independent house. The societies are guarded 24*7 by professional guards and CCTV cameras are installed in the societies as well as the main areas of the city. It’s suitable for the kids and elderly because of the peace and security factors. Ample options for educational and personality growth is available for your child here.

02_ View From Main Road

Own an office near your home– Nothing can be compared to the liberty of owning an office space near your Home. There are multiple developers who are building office spaces near the residential projects. These office spaces not only make your life easier by having your work place near your home but also provide good business opportunities. The number of families’ living in societies is quite large and have people of almost all the age groups. A teacher, doctor, advocate, accountant etc can get business easily because of the people living in the same vicinity.

Affordability and Availability– The property in Zirakpur is a lot more affordable as compared to the properties elsewhere in Tri-city. Property prices in Tri-city have boomed due to urbanization and can’t easily fit into everyone’s budget. Also the number of options of property available in Tri-city is much less as compared to Zirakpur, let alone getting a property of your choice in Tri-city. On the contrary a 3BHK flat in Zirakpur is easily available at an affordable price of 45- 50 lacs.

Abundant Amenities and Healthy Environment– While planning to buy a home it’s essential to keep in mind the health and safely of your family. It is your responsibility to provide your family with a healthy environment to live in. Choose a place that has it all in one place and is pollution free for e.g. large open green area, jogging paths, kids play area, swimming pool, tennis court, basket ball court, gymnasium hall, am phi-theatre, full basement parking plus stilt parking etc. The development should be done keeping in mind not just the next few years but the lifetime requirements of the customers.

Easy Loans– Most of the residential and commercial projects in Zirakpur are approved making it easy to get a loan from any desired bank. Easy availability of loan solves the financial issues of a person and helps him buy any desired property.

Everyone wants not just a beautiful house but a beautiful neighborhood as well. After Chandigarh, Zirakpur is the best place for living a quality and calm life.


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