Mind’s Response Differs!!

Have you ever thought why our mind responds differently in different places? Why your mood changes with the change of place? Color- it decides our response to a product or space. It’s called “Color Psychology”.
We have come up with a few mind soothing color schemes that you can use in your house.

Chocolate Brown, Ivory, Jonquil

Chocolate Brown, Ivory, Jonquil –
The color ivory is widely used as one of the off-white colors in interior design. It’s a blend of soft & deep colors to give a neutral feeling along with strong & vivid colors to add drama to it. This particular combination gives a very formal yet peaceful touch to the room.

Red, Blue, Lemon

Red, Blue, Lemon-
Red, Blue and Lemon are warm and complementary colors. These colors create an active and exciting energy in the room and are a perfect combination for kid’s room.

Black, White, Beige, Brown

Black, White, Beige, Brown-
Strong and intense colors create an active space even when used with medium light closely related pastel colors. White and Beige both colors create a very light and bright feeling whereas Black & Brown add drama to it.

• Always test your color choice.
• Try the color in different lighting, something also helps you choose the lights in your room.
• Don’t forget to try the colors on a 5*5 feet patch on the wall.
• Different paint finishes can be tried.
To know more about these color schemes, check and follow us on Slideshare.


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